Boat List

This is the current list of boats owned by paid-up and honorary members, sorted by boat class. Please report any errors or omissions to the Membership Secretary.

ClassSail No.Boat NameOwner
Harry Moth  Stuart Macdonald
Odyssey  Sandy & Joan Livingstone
Byte Lightbyte  Sue Light
Colvic 28 Mayflower  Jo Gardener and Derek Dunbar
Colvic Countess 28 Countess Linda  David Wilkie
Colvic Countess 28 Mayflower  Alex Stewart
Enterprise Cut Throat Jake (on Triangle)  Robert Turner and Eva Cortes
Enterprise Humdinger  Emma & Kenneth Thomson
 Gaynor Allen and David Lee
Enterprise Lemon Squeezie  Euan Stillie
Enterprise 2391 Shurig  Graeme MacGregor
Feva 3549 Blue - J  Jessica Blinkhorn
Hallberg Rassy 36 349 Nordic Lady  Colin & Stephanie Robertson
Kinsman GB2 Wee Mo  Jim Baird
Lark 506 Little Ritchie  Suzanne Ritchie
 Iain Little
Lark 1909 Scruff  Mike and Morag Wilkinson
Laser 86870  Andrew and Joan Stewart
Laser 133539 Kathleen  Chris Fenton
Laser Wee Hamish  Selina & Angus Weir
Laser 2000 21869  Alan Thomson
 Linda Sheridan
Laser 2000 2702 Boris The Barbarian  Laura Hyndman and Trevor MacKay
Laser Fun  Neil Johnstone
Laser Vortex 1029  Callum Jones
Macwester Wight MK11 Seapiper  John Russell
Mirror Mirror  Adrian Black
Mirror Woza Moya  Ian Thompson
Moody 27 1129 Sulumar  Dennis Walton
Moody 34 2107C Sulis  David Petrie
Moody 346 Optional Extra II  Graham Crawford
Nordship 35DS Freyja  Malcolm & Carol Stewart
Pegasus 105 Rebel Rebel  Mark McClelland
Pico Bishop Alan   Musselburgh Sea Cadets
Pico Fragrant   Musselburgh Sea Cadets
Pico Henry Duncan   Musselburgh Sea Cadets
RS200 782 B'Witch  Colin & Stephanie Robertson
RS200 Katniss  Alison & Greg Holstead
 Claire Duncan
RS200 1027 Puffin  Tim & Carol Jones
Seamaster 815 5537 Osprey  Ian Thompson
Solo 1574  Phillip Watson
Solo 4745 Shark Attark !!  Mark McClelland
Solo 3650 Taniwha  Craig & Elizabeth Hunter
Southerly 101 Witchcraft of Forth  Geoff & Jan Ingram
Sprint 15 1271 Two Prow'd  Ben Saunders
Tasar 2920 Captain Anxious  Andrew and Joan Stewart
Tasar 1266 Red Dragon  Max Blinkhorn
Vagabond VA39 Srog  Simon Waddell
Wayfarer 6161 Wee Minerva  Cameron Petrie
Westerley Griffon Swirley  David & Shirley Banks
Westerly Centaur 2333 Nicruto  Archie & Thea Miller
Westerly Pageant 312 Slainte  David Tollervey and Hille Tekotte
Yacht 18 Remedy  Charlie Harrison