Yacht Courses

Courses will be either be communicated directly from the Safety Boat to competitors or displayed on a board with course letter and colour. Yachts should listen on VHF CH8 for details or approach within hailing distance. Yacht courses use the permanent FYC marks N, E and W and a also a Home mark, H, a yellow or orange cylinder optionally laid on the day to allow a windward start/finish. 

The start and finish lines will be between two marks specially laid and generally used also for the dinghy start/ finish line.

North Mark  N 55° 57'.443 W 3° 4'.644
East Mark  N 55° 57'.157 W 3° 3'.549
West Mark N 55° 57'.221 W 3° 5'.308


Green Courses (marks to starboard)        Red Courses (marks to port) 
A W N H 2.0 NM   A N W H 2.0 NM
B N E H 2.0 NM   B E N H 2.0 NM
C W E W N H 4.0 NM   C N W E W H 4.0 NM
D N E W E H 4.0 NM   D E W E N H 4.0 NM
E W N E H 2.4 NM   E E N W H 2.4 NM
F N H N E H 3.3 NM   F E H E N H 3.0 NM
  (Distances are approximate since location of H mark is variable.)