Welcome to training at Fisherrow Yacht Club


Course Vacancies: see Training Course Vacancies


Taster Sessions:

We will be running several taster sessions throughout 2017 aimed at introducing potential members to the sport.As it is the club's 60th birthday we would really like to get 60 first time sailors on the water over the course of the year! These sessions will, of necessity, be limited in scope, but ideally will involve time in a dinghy and time in the RIB supervised by a RYA instructor. The cost of these, “Try Sailing” sessions will be £10 per person. Email  to express an interest and be the first to hear about further taster sessions as they are organised.




pico kids

 Local kids enjoying a taster session in a Pico dinghy.



We then aim to offer a pathway that will support you through your learning, providing time on the water to learn and practise. This will bring you to a point where you can pass your RYA dinghy Level 2 [lvl2] certificate which in most countries is sufficient to allow you to hire out a sailing boat on holiday.

We can identify 3 basic groups amongst the members:

  • Novices - totally new to sailing, up until a lvl1 dinghy certificate is achieved

  • Improvers - have achieved Level 1 certificate, working towards Level 2

  • Intermediate - post Level 2 looking towards racing, improving skills, sailing faster and smoother


Novices - we will be running 2 training sessions fortnightly on Sundays throughout 2017(whenever the tides are favourable). They will be supervised by a qualified RYA instructor — teaching from the RIB with a club driver. Focus will be on introducing the basics of sailing, teaching the skills to allow the candidate to pass the RYA Level 1 dinghy certificate such as:

  • Launching and landing

  • How to make progress on all points of sail

  • How to sail in light winds with supervision

Improverswill also be catered for during the training sessions on Sunday and supervised by a qualified RYA instructor, building towards the RYA level 2 dinghy certificate.

  • How to rig the boat

  • Gybing

  • Capsize recovery

  • Building confidence until you can sail on your own in good conditions.

The certificate tests will not be taken at the club, but a day will be organised at a local testing centre.


Once you have reached dinghy level 2 standard, you are considered Intermediate and competent enough to take a boat out on your own, as long as you feel confident with the conditions. Structured, scheduled training sessions then give way to a focus on getting time on the water to practise and build upon your skills at the club run funsails.


At the funsails we aim to buddy you up with more experienced sailors who can provide advice to get you sailing smoother and faster. There will be opportunities to learn the rules of racing and start participating in that side of things. The club will also organise several race training sessions in the season with an outside expert instructor for anyone wanting to further develop their skills.


Adult Training

Detailed information on adult training will be available, once details are finalised.


Err….Don’t I need a boat?

The club owns several dinghies thatyou will have used during your training and which can be booked for the session. Use of club dinghies costs just £30 in your first year, rising to £50 in subsequent years per membershipThus one payment would cover your whole family.


Junior Club

The Club organises sailing sessions for juniors including shore based tuition and supervised activities on the water, using professionally qualified external instructors. Parents are expected to help with these activities.

Generally Junior Club activities are planned for Friday nights whenever the tides are suitable.

Most of the children involved in last year's junior club are now capable of pairing up, rigging the picos, launching and returning to beach with just a little support. So they are welcome to book club boats and go sailing on the funsail events whenever the conditions are suitable. For further information see Junior Club.