Junior Club

The Club organises sailing sessions for juniors including shore-based tuition and supervised activities on the water, using professionally qualified external instructors. Parents are expected to help with these activities. Generally Junior Club activities are planned for Friday nights whenever the tides are suitable.
Most of the children involved in last year's Junior Club are now capable of pairing up, rigging the Picos, launching and returning to beach with just a little support. So they are welcome to book Club boats and go sailing on the fun-sail events whenever the conditions are suitable.
The Junior Club's first outing is planned for Friday 28th April. The sessions are on Fridays, usually every 2 weeks, as we are restricted by tides. Most sessions will be at Fisherrow Yacht Club but there are a couple of sessions that will be held in at the lagoons in Musselburgh. Although the sessions will usually be 6.00pm start, again this will depend on tide and location. The online Sailing Caleendar contains dates, start times and location.
After much deliberation and discussion on how best to organise the club, so our young sailors can access training and have fun on the water, we have decided to stick with our 'tried and tested' system.

How will this work?

On the Wednesday prior to Friday's club an email will be sent with an attached database. 
There are 12 spaces per session. An adult can register a maximum of 2 children per session to prevent mass booking. 
Additional children who do not make it onto the list can come along and access classroom training/rigging practise when supported by an adult. They may get a short opportunity to sail but there can be no guarantee as the maximum allowed on the water is 12. These children do not need to pay for the session.
Cost per session is £6 when at FYC and £8 when at lagoons. These sessions are incredibly reasonably priced but please note they may need to be increased over the course of the season. 
Children who sign-up, will be charged. Money will be collected at the start of the session and  marked on the database as paid. This way we can keep a register of who has attended and paid. 

Parents must help

All parents are expected to help with the running of the sessions. The database has slots for parents to enter their names to help on beach or in club (with hot chocolate and snack after sailing). Some parents will have already been allocated as crew in the safety boat, so please check the calendar in case it is you! You'll not need to help every time probably every 2nd/3rd time. All we ask is that you do a share.

FYC is now RYA accredited!

We are very fortunate at FYC to have three instructors, of which two are senior instructors, attached to the club. This means that they can assess the children's ability and give out RYA qualifications. Therefore the sessions will be organised around the RYA syllabus and will teach, over a period of time, children with the required skills. As skills are acquired the instructors will record individual progress and award qualifications when all criteria has been met.
Whilst your child does not need to work towards any qualification it is recommended. To this end the club recommends the children obtain the RYA 'Start sailing handbook'. We have negotiated a reduced price for a bulk order and will email you with details on how to obtain your copy.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to email Alison (Sailing Secretary).