Results 2015

2015 Dinghy Results      
4 April to 30 May
9 April to 22 June
19 April    
16 May    
13 June    
20 June to 1 August
27 June    
4 July    
4 August    
6 August to 3 Sept.
8 August to 10 October
15 August    
29 August to 30 August
24 October    
7 November    
22 November    
2015 Yacht Results      

Note that rolling handicaps are being applied - see Handicaps. See below* for an explanation of the columns in the results.

23 April to 22 May
16 May    
6 June to  
8 June to 20 July
13 June    
4 July    
19 July    
4 August    
6 August to 3 September
12 Sept    
12 September    

 * The columns in the Sailwave results need a bit of explanation. Handicaps are shown in the columns NHC1 andNewRating - these are time correction factors (TCF) related to the more familiar PY handicap by TCF=1000/PY.

NHC1 is the time correction factor applied for that race, with the initial value being derived from the handicap at the end of last season. NewRating is a bit confusing - it is NOT the new time correction factor calculated from that race for application to the next race. Rather it is the time correction factor calculated after ALL the races in the series.

Finally a word of caution for those using Sailwave. In the Sailwave file there needs to be one more race than actually sailed, but this race can be left with no data i.e. it is unsailed.