Racing Handicaps


Dinghies use RYA Portsmouth Yardstick handicaps, with the following additions/modifications:

    • Laser Fun - does not have an agreed handicap. We have provisionally given it the same handicap as a standard Laser as is sometimes done elsewhere.
    • Topper Topaz  Magno - in the absence of an RYA handicap, the manufacturer's handicap recommendation of 1175 is used.
    • Byte - without the CII mast and race sail, assumed for the standard RYA handicap, we use  a PY of 1190.
    • RS Feva singlehanded - a trial handicap of 1150 is applied when sailed singlehanded.
    • Pico - no longer has an RYA PY, but the 2016 value of 1330 is used.
    • Two-handers - class rules generally do not allow them to be sailed single handed, although some clubs allow this in certain circumstances with a handicap penalty and this is covered in the PY list. If a skipper cannot find a crew, we currently allow single-handed sailing in closed events with no handicap penalty on the understanding that skippers do not take advantage of this concession, e.g. by sailing-single handed in light winds.


For yachts, FYC uses the handicaps published by the FYCA and will take account of any mid-season updates.


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