Google Group

The club uses its own Google Group called fisherrow primarily as a mail exploder, enabling any member to send an email to all other members. Security and privacy are well protected. Emails can only be sent by registered members and individual email addresses are not visible, except in the from field if one sends an email to the group. Email and other personal details are never divulged to third parties. Members' email addresses are by default entered into the group when they join or renew membership. Of course if members don't want to receive emails they can opt out.

Individual members can email the entire membership by sending an email to the address .

Email addresses must be registered before they can use the system. By default new members are added to the list when they join the club, contact the membership secretary if you have not been added.

The Google group offers a few additional features that can be made available by registering with Google:

  • browse the archive of past emails
  • view files that have been uploaded, e.g. minutes of committee meetings

Once you have been authorised for the group, to register for these additional features go to and follow the instructions. It is not necessary to do this to send or receive emails.