Introduction to Racing - Talk - Fri. 13 April

7.30 pm in the Clubhouse

Please come along to Friday's talk, Introduction to Racing, by Malcolm Stewart, Carol Jones and Tim Jones. The talk will describe racing at Fisherrow especially from the viewpoint of those who haven't tried racing before. We will aim to demonstrate that there is nothing to be worried about and that, in fact, racing is even more fun than fun sailing. If you're good enough to funsail you're good enough to race!

Those who have raced before will hopefully learn something as well, since our race procedures and courses have been ugraded significantly since last year. The new procedures should make things simpler for both sailors and race officers.

Topics covered will include

  • courses
  • procedures
  • rules (not many!)
  • some tips for sailing faster and better
  • some simple race tactics
  • how Carol and Tim progressed from being novice club sailors to the European stage